How To Buy The Convention Series Video Access on Monday Nights on DJNTV

You can buy access to all of the Convention Series videos by becoming a DJNTV Insider, or you can buy individual access to a Convention Series video.

To buy the full membership: and purchase any level. The Keep Up To Date level won't allow access to the full DJNTV Library. The yearly pay options will give you full access to current and past CS videos for your entire membership time.

To buy individual Convention Series video access: The first step is to hit and sign up for the ‘Keep Up To Date' level to get your info into our system. Then, you can go to and select the show you would like to watch, and buy access from that show's page. Once you purchase access to a video, it is yours as long as you stay in our system!

If you have questions, please reach out to me at [email protected]